What does mean kosher food?

Restrictions on certain types of food, followed by many Jews today are found in Leviticus 11 . The laws make distinctions between animal “pure” and “impure” and prohibit the consumption of meat from animals “impure” .
Pork is a prohibited animal, in the same way that seafood and rabbit. Some of these beings “impure” are foods that most people avoid eating: Insects, vultures, crows, gulls, owls, storks, bats, mice, lizards etc . The prohibitions are restricted just to the animals. Fruits or vegetables all types are allowed and considered “pure”.

Bible curiosities
Leviticus, Exodus and Deuteronomy contain rules on how to kill the animals and prepare meat. There are also serious restrictions on the combination of meat and milk and dairy products. For this reason some Jewish homes have 2 sets of plates and utensils.
Whether Jesus and his early followers were Jews, the laws regarding food were abolished by Christians. Mark 7 recorded the confrontation between Jesus and the Pharisees who criticized him for not strictly follow the Jewish law regarding food . Jesus told the people that nothing from without entering into the man can render it “impure”.
Instead, what comes out of the mouth of man is that he becomes “impure”. By saying this, Jesus declared “pure” all foods. Acts 10 tells the vision of the Apostle Peter in a large canvas containing pure animals and unclean. God said to Peter, ” Do not call unclean what God purify” (verse 15). Because of the growing number of Gentile converts to Christianity, the apostles decided that the only restriction of foods to avoid serious Christians meat offered to idols, and abstain from drinking blood.
Finally the Hebrew word Kosher means “proper” .